The Committee

The Committee The Committee The Committee

The Mansfield & Dukeries Irish Association Committee consists of the following members:
                   Chairman: Tom McAlinden
                   Vice Chairman: John Scanlon
                   Treasurer: Nigel Scott
                   Secretary: Sheila Strauther
                   Social Secretary: Kathleen McHugh
                   Membership Secretary: Kevin Strauther
                   Committee Officer: Agnes Gallagher
                   Committee Officer: Andy Kitt
                   Committee Officer: Ann McHugh
                   Committee Officer: John Kelly
                   Committee Officer: Liam Dallman
                   Committee Officer: Martin Grady
                   Committee Officer: Pat McHugh
                   Committee Officer: Phyllis O'Sullivan
                   Committee Officer: Sandra McHugh
                   Committee Officer: Willie McGranaghan

Meetings are held monthly at Boothy's Club, 2 West Hill Drive, MANSFIELD, NG18 1PJ. All members are invited to come along to the meetings and discuss ideas, issues or just come along for the craic...

Membership costs 3 per year per person and includes receiving notification of forthcoming events, community information and prize draws at dances. To become a member please see any member of the committee.

To open minutes in a new window right-click and select 'Open in New Window'. Here they are:
             10th May 2015
             10th May 2015 AGM
             12th April 2015
             7th December 2014
             19th October 2014
             10th August 2014
             1st June 2014
             1st June 2014 AGM
             23rd February 2014
             26th January 2014
             1st December 2013
              11th October 2013
             11th August 2013
             9th June 2013
             21st April 2013
             21st April 2013 AGM
             24th February 2013
             27th January 2013
             25th November 2012
             14th October 2012
             2nd September 2012
             15th July 2012
             20th May 2012
             15th April 2012
             26th February 2012
             8th January 2012
             20th November 2011
             4th September 2011
             31st July 2011
             3rd July 2011
             11th May 2011
             10th April 2011 AGM
             10th April 2011
             20th March 2011
             20th February 2011
             12th December 2010
             4th November 2010
             3rd October 2010
             12th September 2010
             9th August 2010
             16th June 2010
             17th May 2010 AGM
             4th May 2010
             23rd March 2010
             27th January 2010
             30th November 2009
             9th November 2009
             7th October 2009
             16th September 2009
             22nd July 2009
             17th June 2009
             17th May 2009 AGM
             6th May 2009
             26th March 2009
             26th February 2009
             21st January 2009

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